Gokcenur Inan

Gokcenur Inan

Hi, I’m Gokcenur

&  Learning Experience Designer


With over 9 years of experience in education and a passion for eLearning, I have designed and delivered training projects and provided courses for learning experiences both in traditional and online settings.

As an Instructional Designer and online tutor, I have worked with various international schools across Europe and Turkey, as well as corporate training environments. What drew me to become an Instructional Designer was my involvement with a range of digital materials that highlighted the effectiveness of technology in enhancing delivery and improving learning performance.


Richard I’Anson

British International School of Istanbul, Former Pre/Primary Director

Gokcenur joined the British International School of Istanbul (BISI) in August 2016 as an Early Years class teacher. She is an experienced and effective educator who demonstrates a good understanding of both Turkish and British curricula and is flexible in adapting to different cultures. Gokcenur utilizes a variety of teaching methods, including digital learning platforms, which has taken her one step ahead in her work.

Gokcenur is a trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated professional with an excellent attendance record. She is also highly effective in communicating across diverse cultures and contexts. Gokcenur has been a supportive and collaborative member of the team, always ready to take on new challenges and adapt to new practices. It has been a pleasure working with Gokcenur, and I am confident that she will continue to achieve great success in her career.

Rachael Blackburn

Amity International School Amsterdam, EY class teacher

I had the pleasure of co-teaching with Gokcenur for two years, and even before we shared the same classroom, I was excited to work with her as we share the same philosophies. She is an exceptionally creative individual who possesses a willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges.


During the pandemic, we faced a difficult period and applied blended learning, where we had to find solutions for digital learning. We were both constantly exploring and trying new things, and I feel lucky to have been through this experience with her. Gokcenur has become a great friend and colleague whom I highly regard.