Gokcenur Inan

Gokcenur Inan

My Instructional Design Journey

The Beginning

My family has a strong background in education, with both of my grandparents being fine arts teachers who had a significant impact on my upbringing. Growing up with them was a truly positive experience that helped nurture my passion for teaching and design.

I am always grateful to my parents for encouraging me to fulfill my potential from an early age.

Broadening Horizons

From a young age, I had always dreamed of studying abroad and had the opportunity to attend a range of exchange programs, study experiences, and conferences across Europe, where I witnessed different learning styles and curriculums tailored around education.

It was also very fortunate that I was able to gain concrete experience through an internship, working as an intern at the British International School of Gdansk in Poland.

Robert Grisdale

British International School of Gdansk, School Director

I was thoroughly impressed by the diverse range of teaching skills possessed by Ms. Inan, as well as her professionalism and diligence in completing all assigned tasks and duties during her Erasmus internship at our school in the summer of 2014. During her tenure, Ms. Inan worked in the Preschool Section and contributed to the care and development of the children. Her teaching approach clearly reflected her educational philosophy, which emphasized high standards for both herself and her students.

Ms. Inan struck me as a valuable member of staff who never shirked responsibility and was always willing to go the extra mile to aid the learning process. I can unreservedly recommend her; she will do an excellent job wherever she goes.

Deepening My

In the nine years since 2014, I have been actively involved in the field of education, which has been a valuable and transformative experience. These experiences not only helped me secure a position at International Schools upon my graduation but also shaped my expertise in working with abroad curricula and implementing them into my own learning plans.

Dr Katarzyna Grzesiak-Bramanska

Kazimierz Wielki University, Faculty of Pedagogy

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. ─░nan during her Erasmus program at Kazimierz Wielki University on both personal and professional basis including activities of the sydney research group called Questio which I supervise since 2012. She excelled in my methodology of educational research class and fulfilled all Learning Agreement requirements.

Additionally, she contributed to the academic society of Bydgoszcz by participating in a student research group and initiating projects like “Turkish Day” and “The Other Place in the World.” I highly recommend her for any future endeavors and believe she will be a valuable asset to any team or organization she joins.

Following My Passion

Throughout my years as an educator, I have always been passionate about design and utilizing digital tools to enhance my work. This passion eventually led me to transition from the academic environment to the corporate world.

My first foray into the world of technology was through User Experience Design (UX), for which I received a scholarship from a leading tech company, Userspots, in Istanbul. I then attended a UX Camp, which enabled me to secure several freelance jobs as a Learning Experience Designer and completely immerse myself in the digital learning world a long time ago.

Louise Dominey

Lead Written Parliamentary Question Coordinator at the Department for Education in UK

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Gokcenur at the British International School of Istanbul for two years. When I joined the school, Gokcenur helped me to settle in with ease and she has always been a helpful colleague with a curious mind. We’ve built a great friendship over the years and I appreciate how adaptable and solution-focused she is. It’s been a fun and rewarding experience working with Gokcenur and I feel fortunate to have had worked with such a friendly colleague.

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Alison Guzel

British International School of Istanbul, Deputy Director of Pre/Primary

I have had the pleasure of working with Gokcenur for two years, and I have been consistently impressed by her skills as an educator and her ability to communicate effectively across cultural and digital barriers, especially during the pandemic. As the vice principal of BISI, I have seen firsthand the positive impact that Gokcenur has had on her department and the learners.

In particular, I am thrilled with the transition that Gokcenur has made in her career path. It is clear to me that she has a passion for teaching and digital learning, and I believe that this is an excellent decision that will allow her to continue making a positive impact in her future endeavors.

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